Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

What a beautiful past month this has been! Things are so sweet during the summer months. We love taking advantage of his better health during the summer, because we know once the cold settles in so does the chronic infection. Focusing on the positive though!

Braden got to scratch two remarkable things off of his bucket list this summer! First of all, he was a fireman for a day! We walked into the Decatur Fire Department and immediately felt as if we were welcomed family. We ate with the men, toured the department, and then watched a truck pull out for a real call. They had full turn out gear with his name emblazoned across the back. He suited up and headed out to ride on the truck with the biggest smirk! He was trying to play things off as cool, but he let his mask slip and giggled and grinned with such excitement. He has talked about it more times than I can count since! Pictures may be found on his page on Facebook. Thank you to all the families that made this day possible for Braden. What an amazing memory!

Braden also got to be a “real artist!” The non-profit A Pure Focus put us in touch with the Huntsville Museum of Art to arrange private art classes and his very own showing at the museum! A Pure Focus sent out invitations and had food and refreshments. A cake was donated by Hamley Bake Shoppe and was stunning! There are also pictures of this on the Facebook page. Braden was so very very proud of himself. He was shy at first, but then started giggling and laughing like crazy with one of his good friends from school. We are so thankful to be loved by so many friends, family, and members of our community. What a blessing!

We are rounding the corner to fall, and I am hoping that this winter doesn’t prove to be as rough going as last year, but in all honesty it probably will. We have new medical equipment that should help us whether the storm. We are more comfortable in our own skin and with our skills in handling breathing emergencies. We have supportive staff at Braden’s school, and he is thankfully never alone. We installed a new security system so that we can immediately reach the proper emergency care quickly. We have appointments for his evaluations for his first power wheelchair, and that will provide him with more independence. September will be a month filled with medical appointments and probably some new normals.

As far as Braden’s new room is concerned. We are still looking for volunteers to frame up his bedroom and bathroom. It is not a large project, but means the world to us. We are supplying the lumber and should have it available in the next day or so.

Much love and thankfulness,

Braden’s Mom



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