Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

Room Makeover Time!

For the past year we have been renovating our garage and converting it into a handicap accessible bedroom and bathroom for the super handsome and rather loveable Mr. Braden. This process has taken considerable energy, determination, and a whole community to make it possible. I have called local businesses, worked with a non-profit called Special Spaces, and have had local bands, schools, and churches help make this possible. It sometimes really and truly does take a community. If I had had the funds in my bank account, life would have been so much easier. However, I would have missed out on seeing how a community can pull together and rally around a family when they really need it. I endured being called some very harsh things and dealt with some unsavory characters in the course of making Braden’s dream a reality. However, instead of disheartening me it has driven me to see this through to the end. We are almost there!

I have so many people to thank, and I will do that in a later post. I promise! For now, I just want to leave the information for the final day of this room creation. Special Spaces will work like Extreme Makeover Home Edition and kick us out of our home on April 5th to decorate Braden’s room. If you have hands or want to check his new space out, please feel free to stop by. I don’t know how many volunteers are needed yet. We are waiting on a head count need from the company. I will give more details on this as I know them. As always, the best way to keep in touch with us in on Braden’s FB page.

Thanks everyone!


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