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Pictures! Updated February 2013

If you click on me, you can see pictures of us!  I am going to try and put up some new pictures soon!


Comments on: "Pictures! Updated February 2013" (3)

  1. Braden is gorgeous! Thank you for adopting him knowing there would be problems. (drugs and alcohol) God put him in your path for a reason. Not knowing what it is is not heart-warming, but just know that you are in my prayers. I can tell by the pictures you have made him a very happy boy. I am sure he gives you just as much pleasure. I’m sorry I can not contribute financially right now, but I WILL keep you in my future plans. Love and prayers,Sherry

  2. Rebecca, I cannot tell you how heartfelt I feel for your beautiful angelic son. When I found out about him and simply listened to Holly and Steve (New York State) talk, I simply didn’t want to believe it. Your son looks just like mine when he was four. He is now a grown man. Holly gave me a little half sized card with his photo and information on the back. After researching, the next day I found myself crying for your son as I was driving my truck, I couldn’t stop. I have a large farm in New York State. I am working on a few things for Braden and your family. No promises yet, as I’m sure you don’t want to hear any of that. But based upon the dates of prior responses, I firstly want you to know that there are those of us with a few talents willing to do something. We have been working on the project all week. When we get close I will contact you for approval and/or comments..

    Charles Crable

    P.S. Come on Rutgers, let’s do this! Let’s do this NOW!

  3. I just wanted to thank you for bring Braden to UCP for Icky Friday. I so enjoyed being slimed and covered in silly sting then hearing him laugh that he “got me”. He is just so wonderful and fun loving you should be so proud of him. Thanks again for sharing him with me today, it was a real treat! I don’t get out from behind my desk a whole lot, but I sure did enjoy it.

    Suzanne Price
    Adm. Director
    United Cerebral Palsy of Huntsville

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