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Thank You WAAY 31

Whooo that was a hard interview.  Although I came close to crying.  I think I managed to keep them at bay as best I could.  It turned out that I answered all of the interview questions.  When it came time for Justin’s turn, we were told that they had everything and more that they needed.  However, they did get plenty of footage of us playing as a family together.

There were moments when my heart wanted to just break in a thousand pieces, and then there was the moment that made me laugh.  It’s funny how life works like that.  Genevieve decided to pull her dress over her head, to which Justin responded, “Eve we don’t need to make this a G.irl’s Wi.ld segment.”  That’s our life right now.  We do our best to keep the humor around here.

The segment should air Sunday night, and twice on Monday morning.  I will link to it here once it is available.  You may also look for it here: under the Focus On Faith tab.

Until next time….